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Director & Promoter

Dr. Jaspreet Singh Bindra

“A true leader toils and innovates not for riches but to make the world better for all.”

Director & Promoter at J-VPD Diagnostics India Pvt Ltd (Wholly Owned
Subsidiary of J-VPD Inc, Japan)

Dr. Bindra, Director & Promoter of J-VPD, is a renowned philanthropist and entrepreneur with a vast and impactful career. His contributions span multiple industries, including health, infrastructure, and transport.


Corporate Ventures

  • Dr. Bindra has co-founded various corporate groups and entities involved in the healthcare, infrastructure, and transport sectors.
  • His initiatives have played a key role in installing essential equipment at government pathological centers across North India.


  • He holds equity in Bharat Telematics Private Limited, which collaborates with Indian Governmental Authorities on road/highway and toll technology development.
  • Dr. Bindra possesses exclusive rights in a Japan-based company, Cyberdyne, for renting HAL products (medical robots for physically disabled individuals) in India.


  • Dr. Bindra serves as an advisor and board member for numerous companies and organizations.
  • He is the President of a 24-year-old NGO and holds the title of Distinguished Visiting Philanthropist at various events.


  • Dr. Bindra has established business relations with ROBOCARE UAE LLC, under the umbrella of His Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Manea Bin Rashed Bin Manea Al-Maktoom. This collaboration involves Mediclinic, one of the world’s largest hospital chains.
  • He is actively engaged in promoting trade between India and the UAE in the petrochemical and fertilizer sectors, aligning with the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA).

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