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J-VPL stands for J-VPL Advance Anatomic and Molecular Pathology Private Limited. It is a subsidiary of JVPD Inc. and is involved in the field of advanced pathology services.

J-VPL specializes in anatomic and molecular pathology services. This includes the diagnosis of diseases at a cellular and molecular level, contributing to precise medical diagnoses and treatments.    Read More 

Yes, J-VPL is a child company of J-VPD (J-VPD, INC.), a Japanese corporation. J-VPD focuses on international clinical testing and pharmaceutical sales.

Molecular pathology is essential for understanding diseases at a genetic and molecular level. It helps in tailoring treatment plans, predicting disease outcomes, and advancing personalized medicine.

J-VPL is based in India, contributing to the advancement of pathology services in the region.   Know More

Yes, J-VPL’s services are designed to benefit the public by providing accurate and advanced diagnostic solutions to healthcare professionals and patients.

J-VPL is part of J-VPD, which has international collaborations and partnerships in the field of healthcare and diagnostics. These collaborations aim to bring cutting-edge technologies to India.

J-VPL’s vision is to revolutionize pathology services by introducing advanced diagnostic technologies, particularly in the field of cancer diagnosis, to improve healthcare outcomes in India.

You can visit the official website of J-VPD and its subsidiaries, including J-VPL, to access detailed information about their services, projects, and contributions to healthcare.


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