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Beyond Diagnostics
Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions for India


J-VPD India partners with Indian manufacturers to produce high-quality medical equipment under the “Make in India” initiative, fostering domestic production and innovation.

Technology Transfer

We bridge the gap by facilitating the transfer of advanced Japanese medical technology to Indian companies, empowering local expertise and enhancing healthcare capabilities.

Consulting for Successful Hospitals

J-VPD India provides comprehensive consultation services for hospital projects, including feasibility studies, equipment selection, and project execution, ensuring successful implementation.

Neuro Rehabilitation

We offer advanced solutions tailored for neurorehabilitation centers, empowering them with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to enhance patient care and rehabilitation outcomes.

Laboratory Turnkey Solutions

We design, equip, and set up complete laboratory facilities, ensuring efficient workflows and optimal functionality for accurate diagnoses.

Onco Pathology

J-VPL, a venture by J-VPD India, empowers healthcare institutions with advanced oncopathology services for accurate and timely cancer diagnosis.


We offer end-to-end pharmaceutical services, from R&D to manufacturing and distribution. Our expertise ensures quality and efficacy throughout the entire drug lifecycle.

Medical Devices

J-VPD provides state-of-the-art medical devices, designed to enhance patient care and diagnostic accuracy

Research and Education

J-VPD is committed to advancing healthcare through rigorous research and comprehensive education programs. We offer training and resources for healthcare professionals

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